2018 Board of Directors Candidate Statements

Walton Liles, Superintendent

I would like to introduce myself if you are not familiar with me.  I am currently the Superintendent for the Piedmont Division but would like the chance to serve the division as Superintendent for 2 more years. I am a very active modeler for one. I been an active member of the division since 2004. I have served on the BOD as a director for 4 years and was Director of Operations for 2 years. I am currently serving as Supt.  I have been leading a direction with the other BOD members to work hard to educate and bring awareness to model railroading in our area.  We have tried new things to do this. I am not a sideliner. I am very proactive keeping our division way ahead of the hobby and directing a path to keep our organization fun for modelers new and old. I love trains, teaching and showing off our model railroads has always been one of the greatest parts of our hobby. I would appreciate your vote to continue our new challenges that each year brings. We hope to have our status changed by the end of 2019 to a 501 3c. This will open hopefully bring some new things for our division that our very positive. I model HO currently and avid modeler of southeastern railroads from the 1970’s and 80’s especially coal . I love to railfan so seeing me out by the track anywhere is possible.

I would appreciate your vote.Thank You.

Walton Liles

Alan Mole, Director-at-Large

Fellow members of the Piedmont Division:

My involvement in model trains goes back to my childhood in North London. Up until 2003 I was an active member of the Washington, Virginia and Maryland Garden Railroad Society and after our arrival in Duluth, GA, we built a garden railway and was very active in the Georgia GRS. Following a couple of floods, we decided to sell the G scale outdoor and move indoor with a On30 layout, also called the Mole Valley Railway.

I joined the NMRA - Piedmont Division in 2007, have served two terms as Director-at-Large (2012 – 2016) and presently I am President of the SER.

Alan R. Mole

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