Live Train Auctions

Nothing matches the excitement of the auctioneer. His careful eyes watching for a nod or a wink, speaking quickly and rhythmically, and moving merchandise faster than lighting. The model train auction is still the best place to get those priceless additions to your collection and to increase your closet space by selling some of your old stuff. Now is your chance to join the Piedmont Division's own wild ride as we cut loose on our Live Auction!

The more people that attend, the better the auction. Be sure to tell your friends about it. Even if you just come to watch, you'll have a great time and get to make new friends.

Howard Goodwin - Auctioneer

Howard Goodwin - Auctioneer
For many years Howard "Horn" Goodwin has been running auctions for the NMRA at all levels.  He adds excitement and humor to the event. Experience and knowledge make for a good caller!

Upcoming Auction

May 19, 2012 on Saturday
2:00 pm until all is sold
See the list of locomotives available
First Presbyterian Church in Marietta - 189 Church Street, Marietta, GA (Directions)
$5.00 Entry Fee at the Door

Who is invited?

Anyone who loves trains can come! Tinplaters, Hi-Railers, Scalers, Narrow Gaugers, Railroadianna Collectors, anyone who love the rails!

How does an auction work?

When you arrive you'll be given a bid card, which is a board with a number on it. Nope, we don't do winks and nods here...this is a friendly game. You will simply hold up your card to acknowledge your bid. If you win, then the auctioneer will record your number and at the end of the auction you can pay for your new treasures and take them home. Its that simple.

What is available at the train auction?

Anything you need! Brass locomotives, track, structures, kits, cars, and almost anything you need to build a layout.

Do you have items you want to sell?

Just bring them to the auctioneer station. You'll tell us how many items you have and we'll give you a quantity of numbered chits (tags) to register each of their items with by putting the chit number on the item itself. You then place all your items on the table with the chits on the items. As the "picker" (person who bring items to the auctioneer) takes the item up to the auctioneer for bids the chit will stay with the item and the winning bidder and sale price will be recorded on the chit and taken to the bookkeeper who will record the transaction. You'll be able to set a starting bid for the item if you like, but usually you will get more for it if you start with little or no reserve price.

When the item is sold you will receive cash at the end of the auction, minus a small donation to the Piedmont Division of 15%. This is much cheaper than Ebay! Keep in mind, the seller is solely responsible for his items and enters the auction at his own risk. The Piedmont Division accepts no liability for items lost or stolen.

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All funds from this event go to support the Piedmont Division of the NMRA, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the hobby of model railroading.

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