Division Meeting and Model and Photo Contests

Tue, 04/10/2018 - 7:00pm - 9:30pm

Clinic:  Dr. Joe Nichols, Jr., MMR presents "Block detection options and more with JMRI."

This clinic will review the options for block detection as well as the costs to add this feature to an existing layout.  We will discuss the hardware for detection that can be used for any DCC (and with adaptation DC) system with output to panel LEDs or to a full track display panel on a monitor or TV.  We will review the cost and sense of installation.  This can be adapted to run trains over the internet from other parts of the world.

Bring and Brag:  Brass locomotives.

The Board of Directors meets prior to the Division meeting.  The BOD meeting begins at 6:00 p.m.

Spring Model and Photo Contests will be held during the meeting.

Please bring models and photos, along with completed contest forms and other paperwork, to the contest room beginning at 7:00.

Model contest entries do not have to be scratch-built models.  Super-detailed kits are welcome entries.  There are a number of categories, including motive power, revenue cars, non-revenue cars, passenger cars, cabooses, and structures.  Models may take first, second, or third place awards without earning merit awards.  Merit awards are given to those models which receive a score of 87.5 points or better. 

 Photo contests are held in conjunction with the model contests.  There are four categories -- B&W model, color model, B&W prototype, and color prototype.  Photos should be mounted on matte material.  Minimum print size is 5" x 7".  Minimum mount size is 8" x 10". A contest entry sheet must accompany each entry.

  • Contest Entry Form (#901)
  • Judged Model Contest (#902) - Not required for the Photo Contest

For questions about the model contest, contact AP Chair Charrlie Mason, MMR at candmjmason@hotmail.com.  For questions about the photo contest, contact Photo Contest Chair Paul Voelker at voelkerpv@msn.com.