May 2019 Railroad Diorama Contest

There will be a Railroad Diorama comtest held at the division Meeting on May 14, 2019. 

This a popular vote contest with prizes for the top three dioramas and not an NMRA-judged contest. 

Contest Rules


  • N and HO size limit – 12" by 12" inch base
  • S, O and G Scale size limit 22" by 18" base

Module Must Include

  • A piece of track on the diorama.
  • A weathered model locomotive or other rolling stock on the diorama.

Additional Rules

  • Must be in good taste, nothing offensive or rude.
  • All Dioramas must be checked in by 7:15pm on 5/14/2009.

Judging and Voting

  • Members present at meeting will judge by popular vote.
  • Each diorama will be assigned a number on an index card.
  • Members will vote for a favorite diorama by its number.
  • Judging will be done at the break.

To be announced at a later date.  Please Check Back.