Change in Voting for the 2020 Election

This year's Board of Director's Election will be conducted by US Mail and online through Electionbuddy, the voting system used for SER and National elections.  The change was made in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Candidate Statements

From your Board of Directors:

Due to the current pandemic our normal monthly meeting location is closed to outside groups. The BOD of the Piedmont Division passed a motion (with a greater than the required 2/3 majority) to suspend the method of voting (in person) outlined in our bylaws. This change is only for the 2020 election and is the only way to ensure the election could be held.

Because this action was taken due to the fact we have no clear idea when we might be able to meet as a group again, we intend to entertain a rewording of the by-laws referencing various voting methods in the future and when the entire division can participate in an open discussion as outlined in our bylaws.

While the change eliminates in-person voting, online and US Mail voting enables the division to reach more members and increase participation in the election.

Voting members with an email address on file with NMRA Headquarters will receive an online ballot through Electionbuddy October 21.  Voting members with no email address on file will receive a ballot via US Mail.  Ballots will be mailed no later than October 20.  Voting closes November 3.

Candidate statements will be posted on the Division website by October 8.

If you have questions about voting in the election, contact Chuck Hoesch's election committee at If you have questions about the change in voting, contact Superintendent Walt Liles at