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From the intersection of East Cherokee and Highway 20, follow East Cherokee (westward) about one and a half miles to the entrance to Woodmont. Turn right (north) at entrance which is Chadwick. Follow three tenths of a mile to bottom of hill; turn right on Bennington Place. Follow Bennington Place three hundred yards to Kensington Trace. Turn left, driveway to 200 is directly in front of you on the east side of the street.

Layout at a Glance


The AL&TRR is a 7x18 HO scale free standing, free lance, layout set in 1956 and running steam and diesel power. It begins with Mount Courage to the west, with N scale structures and figures partway up and Z scale structures and figures at the top for forced perspective. Temperance Falls drop to the Steinke River flowing through the town below. Moving eastward, the layout passes through highly detailed urban and industrial areas, then a rail yard and locomotive servicing structures before reaching Justiceburg Harbor in the east. Details in the loading dock and boats match those in other parts of the layout which also includes many hand painted vehicles including street rods and hundreds of hand painted figures. Completed structural interiors can be viewed through skylights. Most structures have interior lights in addition to the layout's exterior street lamps and yard lights. Scenic backdrops are in progress.

Layout Style

Wheelchair Accessible


Scale HO
Size 5' x 8' section and 7' x 10' section total 18' long
Prototype Freelance
Locale Mid-Atlantic
Era Transition Era
Len. Mainline Double Mainline, 20 Feet
Layout Height 36.5 inches
Benchwork Plywood platform with insulation foam
Roadbed Foam
Trackwork Flextrack and sectional track
Turnout Min 4
Min Radius 22 inches
Maximum Grade None
Scenery Downtown area bisected by river coming down mountain with N and Z scale structures and figures on mountain for forced perspective; large industrial section in progress, with factories, rail yard, computerized turntable, locomotive servicing; and a fully scenicked harbor with lighthouse.
Backdrop Foam board flats fully scenicked
Controls Digitrax


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