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The nearest major intersection is the exit from I-20 east at Boulevard (exit for Zoo Atlanta and the Cyclorama). At the top of the ramp turn north on Boulevard. (if coming from I-75-85 you will cross back over I-20). Turn left at the first intersection (there will be a fenced in vacant lot) onto Woodward Avenue. Go through three (3) stop signs. My house is 1 ½ blocks on the right after the third stop sign. The house is aqua and cream, 1911 arts and crafts bungalow. The house number is 368 marked on a yellow saw tooth sign.

Layout at a Glance

Scale HO
Size 20' X 18'
Prototype Freelanced
Locale Central Pennsylvania
Era 1945-1955 With moderate adjustments to allow for incorrect locomotives & rolling stock
Layout Style Mainline loop to loop - Around the room with peninsula
Len. Mainline 150'
Layout Height 48"
Benchwork Open grid with plywood laminated with homasote
Roadbed cork
Trackwork Code 83 nickle silver
Turnout Min #5
Min Radius 28"
Maximum Grade 2%
Scenery 30% completed
Backdrop The roof painted blue
Controls Digitrax DCC - works great
Wheelchair Accessible No

The layout is definitely free lance. The layout runs from Harrisburg (lower level “staging” to Williamsport in the upper level loop. The route is based on the Pennsylvania RR Northern Central division from Baltimore to Buffalo, Erie and Sodus Point. One just imagines the Penna never owned this trackage and there it is, an independent railroad all it’s own. There is a coal mine branch as that was a major industry for the railroads in the state. In the Harrisburg area is an industrial switching complex designed to create a bottle neck with through trains. It does!! I am a passenger fan so there is an out of balance quantity of passenger service but then it isn’t costing any one anything to run!!


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