Brandywine & Benedictine RR

Norm Stenzel

Tour Schedule

Sunday October 13, 2013 11:00 am - 3:00 pm


See It On The Map

1. Go northbound on I-85 to the Old Peachtree Rd exit. (The new exit is now open)
2. Go west (toward Buford Hwy.) on Old Peachtree Rd to South Scales Rd.
3. Turn right on South Scales Rd.
4. Go to the Highland Lake subdivision on the right, Turn right on Highland Bluff
5. Go about 200 ft and turn right on Highland Farm Drive. The house is on the right, Address on the mailbox. (There will be a small sign to guide them to the railroad.)

Layout at a Glance

The Brandywine & Benedictine Railroad is a Class 1 Appalachian coal hauler modeled in 1953. It runs north and south from Winston Salem, NC to Pittsburgh, PA. Motive power is a 50/50 mix of steam and first generation diesel power.

The railroad is designed with prototype operations in mind with jobs to keep 12 to 16 people busy. The B&B is controlled using Digitrax DCC and a computer running RR&CO software.



Scale HO
Size 2000 square feet
Prototype Freelance based on Eastern coal haulers
Locale Virginia and West Virginia
Era 1953 steam to diesel transition
Style Walk around with radio throttles
Len. of Mainline 320'
Layout Height 48" to 62"
Benchwork L-girder
Roadbed Cork and Homasote
Trackwork Hand laid code 70
Turnouts #6 on main, #5 in yard
Min. Radius 30"
Maximum Grade 1.75% mainline, 4% branchline
Scenery Over 75%
Backdrop 2" painted foam
Controls Digitrax DCC using a computer to control turnouts and signals.
Wheelchair Accessible No

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