National Southern RR

Ron Gough, MMR

Tour Schedule

Sunday November 03, 2013 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


See It On The Map

From the North; Highway 400 S to #7 exit, Holcomb Bridge Rd. Turn LEFT & go to 3rd. traffic light, RIGHT onto Old Alabama Rd..

From the South; 400 N to #7A exit, Holcomb Bridge Rd. Turn RIGHT & go to 3rd. traffic light, RIGHT onto Old Alabama Rd...

From the West; Hwy. 92 becomes Holcomb Bridge Rd. Cross-over Hwy 400 to 3rd. traffic light, RIGHT onto Old Alabama Rd...

From the East; Holcomb Bridge Rd. West, LEFT onto Old Alabama Rd. (Wachovia Bk., Waffle House, Amoco/McDonalds, Blockbuster on corners.)


Once on Old Alabama, to 2nd. Traffic light, Riverside Rd. Turn LEFT onto Riverside Rd. Pass 1st. Martin Rd. sign (2-1 way streets enter/exit) keep going to 2nd. Martin Rd. sign turn LEFT Up hill, bearing to the right; 8985 is the 5th. House on the LEFT.

Layout at a Glance

The outstanding layout of Ron Gough's National Southern Railroad Co. (NSoRR) was featured on the cover of the Sept., 2005 edition of the NMRA Scale Rails magazine. The layout is 100% complete with full scenery and includes a trolley line. Set in the heavy mountains of southeastern TN at the turn of the century 1900, the steam powered railroad handles a primary grade of 4.5%. In addition, "home-made" cookies are always a favorite at the NSoRR!
Scale HO
Size 15' x 23'
Prototype Private RR (NSoRR)
Locale Heavy Mountains Southeastern Tennessee
Era Turn of the Century/1900
Layout Style Central Control Tower
Len. of Mainline 170 actual feet
Layout Height Graduated from floor. 48" to 58" with high track 72"
Benchwork 1/2" plywood on 2x4 base
Roadbed Form core and cork
Trackwork Micro Engineering code 70 flex track
Turnout Min. No. 4
Min. Radius 24" in helix
Maximum Grade 4.5% (prototypically correct for era)
Scenery Geodesic Foam 100% complete
Backdrop Hand painted
Controls DCC
Wheelchair Accessible Yes - Across pine straw slope

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